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Winner of Pfizer Canada’s Healthcare Solutions Health Hub Prize 2023

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A New Approach to Breast Imaging






We pride ourselves in providing a comfortable experience for patients. 

We use low power electromagnetic signal, much less than a cellphone.

Tabletop scanning, only taking up a small footprint.


Low investment and operation costs.

Simple to use and not operator dependent.


Can be used as frequently as needed.


Our Technology

Non-intrusive ultra wide band (UWB) signal technology that measures breast tissue properties. Tumor tissues have different electrical properties compared to healthy tissues, enabling their detection.  


Signals are transmitted through the breast and a 2D image of the electrical properties is reconstructed. The scan takes less than 1 minute and the image is displayed in seconds. 

Physicians are presented with supporting data to guide recommendations for further screening care and to help adapt cancer treatments as needed. 



 We provide breast density scores, a known risk factor to breast cancer that is currently established only after a patient's first mammogram.

We can assess response to neoadjuvant treatment within the first few days of treatment with quantitative measurement of tumor tissue changes.

Adjunct Imaging

Monitoring breast health over time to detect any worrisome changes in breast composition that may arise and helping to detect cancer in dense breasts.

Cancer Treatment Monitoring

Breast Density


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We bring years of research to life.

Wave View Imaging is developing pain-free and timely breast imaging. Our technology provides breast health information, at point of care, without discomfort. We utilize safe, non-intrusive UWB technology to monitor breast health. Our device can be used at any age, it is inexpensive and simple to operate. 


Our device provides meaningful information on breast density, tumour response during cancer treatment, and general breast health. 

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