Precise monitoring for breast cancer treatment for successful outcomes and peace of mind.




unlike mammography no pressure is applied to the breast.


we use low power microwave, even less than a cellphone.


tabletop scanning, only taking up a small footprint.


low investment and operation costs.


simple to use and not operator dependent.


can be used as frequently as needed.


Our Technology

Non-intrusive microwave signal technology that measures breast tissue properties. Microwaves are sensitive to water content in tissues, which reduces as tumors respond to treatment.

Physicians are presented with supporting data to help guide and adapt treatments as needed.

Patients have peace of mind in knowing that their treatment is working.


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We bring years of research to life.

Wave View Imaging focuses on the importance of monitoring the progress of breast cancer treatment. Currently oncologists rely on palpation, which is subjective and creates challenges when properly assessing tumor changes.


Our technology is suited for treatment monitoring. It is safe, fast, and low-cost, allowing for imaging as frequently as needed. Most importantly, it provides meaningful information on tumour response during cancer treatment.